Funny Quotes About a Healthy Lifestyle




Having a healthy lifestyle is very important to your overall wellbeing. Health is a gift from God that looks different on everyone. Embrace it! Follow a healthy lifestyle and you’ll never be sorry! This collection includes funny sayings that celebrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. You’ll laugh, think, and even be inspired!

Health is a gift from God

Among God’s gifts to mankind, health is one of the most precious. It allows us to live productive and meaningful lives. When we are healthy, we don’t have to worry about the effects of disease or pain. We can work hard, achieve what we desire, and bring happiness to others. In addition, having good health means we are more productive, and that we will have more energy and enthusiasm to help others.

The biblical understanding of health focuses on the integration of the spiritual and physical. Good health can be achieved by restoring both. The Protestant Western understanding of health often dismisses this union, and cultures that respect the union are often looked upon condescendingly. However, Jesus and the early church did not make distinctions between the two, and the healing of a woman who was hemorrhaging shows that both are important.

One of the ways religion impacts our health is by improving our spiritual life. When we practice deep spirituality, we focus less on ourselves and more on others. This, in turn, increases our health. As Jesus said, “Those who seek life will lose it” (John 10:35), we need to remember that we need to focus on others to find our own health.